Hello, everyone, this is the 5th entry in the Supplementary series, I decided to talk about Practical Marketing.

I was a Digital Marketing Executive at a SME (small and medium enterprise, it had only 5-6 people in the office), it was run by a boss who fancied themselves a lecturer in the marketing business.

4 hours of Marketing Lectures almost every day, I took what I already knew from school career marketing talks, lectures and advice and what good I can take from their bloated 4 hour lectures, simplified them, made them easier to understand in just 3 minutes of reading about the concept and complied them here.

This guide is for creative beginners starting their work in marketing only knowing about design, this is for marketing beginners who do not know about marketing at all, this is for those that want to cut through the fluff and learn fast.

This guide has gotten complete beginners into/from part-time marketing jobs, to full-time marketing jobs, into a relocation job offer, it has been described as a marketing degree in a single booklet. It has been described as something that anyone can pick up and learn from and enrich their own lives with.


Gumroad Launch

With WordPress’ problems with payment I have launched a Gumroad for future paid information.

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Keep Creating~!


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