Quick Belated New Year Update (Known WordPress Problems and Eventual Gumroad Launch)

Belated Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for no posts during December, Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion had (and still has) gotten hold of me since November.

To keep this update short I had more people than I thought (more than 0) donate/pay for the paywall to look at the posts of the Supplementary series.

It has been brought to my attention that there can be some problems with the article like “paying and then being unable to view the article anyway”. Please do let me know if you have donated so that I can send you a pdf I have of the best one (the 3/4 view).

I will launch a Gumroad page soon, which will have it more easily accessible, just pay and get a pdf with no wordpress account needed to pay for the paywall, along with added stuff like my own drawing, neatly packaged. Not found in the original article.

I’m working on converting the articles into a more readable pdf format to put them on the Gumroad along with eventually working on videos for the Gumroad and Youtube channels.

Please do follow/find me @starkickfall here and everywhere to stay updated.


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Please browse my Gumroad, my Redbubble and my Youtube Channel as well.

Keep Creating~!


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