This video will cover the timeline after the surgery. My recovery process was really fast, 1.5 weeks of pure liquid diet, fed myself with a syringe, 1.5 months of soft food and then back on solid foods with jaw exercise after the unbinding to slowly get back facial muscle movement and strength.

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Common topics discussed on my channel:

  • Managing a toxic art education/past
  • Finding an artistic style and finding an ideal career path
  • art vlogs
  • personal struggles with being an artist
  • artistic motivation
  • social media advice for artists
  • overcoming artistic procrastination
  • unique professional artistic skills
  • artistic skill development
  • professional artistic training
  • private art schools
  • online art mentorships
  • emotional advice for artists
  • common art career mistakes
  • finding artistic confidence
  • maximizing artistic growth
  • how to draw/practice
  • double jaw surgery

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