Before getting my double jaw surgery to correct my severe under-bite, I was researching about double jaw surgery in Singapore, a lot of the results and blog posts I got did not reveal the costs of the surgery transparently or were insured therefore they could claim and write it off without thinking about the cost.

Is it actually affordable without insurance? How much could it actually cost?

As someone who was uninsured and going through the most subsidized route in Singapore, I felt that there wasn’t anyone that was being transparent and honest enough about the cost of the surgery, probably the most daunting aspect of it after the surgery itself.

So I started my own art project during my degree called b4/aft to address and talk more about that issue, it had self-portraits and written reflections, here I am revamping it and giving it a new lease of life and a permanent place on the internet on YouTube rather than an expired domain I bought for the sake of showing it as a university graduation project.

Please let me know if you have any questions~

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