Liked What You Saw? Want To Support Me? Ko-fi And Patreon

Hello! JR here. I am an illustrator/artist that loves to teach and write about art, story tropes, visual storytelling, art theory, art education, artsy nerdy stuff like that. I also at times write about games and movies.

I love to teach however being in a position to do so at the level I want to teach is not easy in my country, there are little to no positions for it, whoever has that position will never give it up as it’s very stable and pays well, I have known many lecturers with over 10/15 years of experience who never left their jobs.

I wish to be able to provide resources, knowledge and teach in my own way and be able to be paid for it as well. Hence ko-fi and Patreon. I will do my best to deliver useful and good content as much as I can and I hope that they help as many people as possible.

Ko-fi is a one-time donation based system, based on buying your creator a coffee as a treat, you can donate $3, the price of a coffee, so I can…spend it not on coffee but a meal.

My ko-fi is linked here.

Patreon is one you might have heard of, its a monthly subscription based system of donating to your favourite creators per month a set amount from different tiers of a $1 or $3/month to some having $100/month.

At the current rate of content I put out and the quality of it, I can only justify making a $3 tier for now and the customary discord server for you to “AMA” me and I will reply as soon as I can any questions you might have.

My Patreon is linked here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Your contribution means a lot to me. Even if just 3 dollars, your money is hard-earned and you have decided to give it to me for whatever reason you feel is worthwhile to do that, I will do my best to create content that you deserve.

Stay safe,


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