(I swear I still draw, I just recently solved another interesting problem with the tablet, there’s now virtually no problems with it anymore so its just all on me being lazy or not.)

One of the current viral issues in the artist/illustrator community is the issue of the instructional drawing book Stonehouse’s Anatomy by Korean artist Seok Jung Hyun, it was full of pseudoscience in connection to instructional how-to draw art, the usual white people’s eyes are huge so more direct communication and Asian people’s eyes are small so more indirect communication, pseudoscience stuff like that. If I can get a hold of an English copy without dumping US$80+ on it, I can go through every bad example in it but that’s another thing entirely.

This issue brought about the topic of Loomis and how he was also not the best in depicting other races. So, in keeping with the trend of criticizing Loomis on this blog, again not disparaging him, lets talk about it summed up by my tweets here.

And the page in question is the one featured above, this page featured in Fun With A Pencil, with just no explanation just different types of heads not even different races then boom those…two there which I have censored in the featured image to avoid possible content triggers.

Eeeeeeyup, you are looking at the same thing I’m looking at. This is phrenology pseudoscience level of “Yeah, you know those people who are not like us, their skulls are like this”

Please, do not use this page in this book as reference on how to draw people of other races. Like what I mentioned above Loomis is a product of his time, a lot of classic drawing books people recommend need supplementary reminders and notes that just because they did it doesn’t mean you should.

Speaking of “Supplementary”, it sounds like a good enough name for a project I want to do where I fill in the gaps that I have had and what other people possibly might have while learning from instructional books or videos. I might start that soon, only reason I bring it out now is to grab the name before hand. With Loomis as the first subject then moving onto other books that may have felt some information out or have inaccurate information.

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One response to “Loomis: A Product of His Time”

  1. Supplementary #4 (Loomis: Drawing Other Races) – starkickfall Avatar

    […] I wrote about this with some examples here. […]


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